About Us

Since 2019, we have been operating as Tulpar Space Aerospace & Defence with the aim of playing a pioneering role in the defense and aviation sectors. With our experienced and expert team, we are actively engaged in design, manufacturing, and project management.

Our mission goes beyond offering standard products; we also aim to meet the specific needs of our business partners. By providing customized design and manufacturing solutions upon request, we exhibit a flexible approach to fulfill the most unique and specific requirements.

Through our production-oriented R&D approach, we are able to develop cost-effective and high-quality products. We strive for both quality and efficiency as we progress forward.

The core purpose of our establishment is to contribute to our national industry by localizing products that are not produced domestically or are difficult to source from abroad. With projects based on domestic technologies and capabilities, we aim to strengthen our defense and aerospace sector.

By collaborating with various institutions from different disciplines, we add value to the journey from idea to product. In the future, with our innovative approaches, we will continue to push the boundaries in the defense and aerospace field and take our achievements even further.