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Parachute Systems

Design & Development. Do you have a drawing? Good. Do not? Ok, fine.

Just tells us what’s the weight of your cargo. 50gr or 1500kg. You can also choose the descent rate but we can help you to choose the correct one.

With a wide range of raw material stock sure we can offer you the correct product in time.

Some of the items we always keep in stock.

  • MIL/PIA-C-7020-T1
  • MIL/PIA-C-7020-T3
  • MIL/PIA-C-44378-T1
  • MIL/PIA-C-7350-T1
  • MIL/PIA-C-5040-T1/T3
  • Various affordable type fabrics for flares
Descent Rate Graph of our G145 Parachute with MIL-C-7020 T1 Fabric @72gr load.
G145 Parachutes

Those are actual measurements of flare parachutes w/14gr chain plus 72gr of load from 150 meters altitude.

G145 Type

G148 Type

G147 Type

      Cutting & Sewing

      Our in-house cutting and sewing team can produce up to 30.000* illuminating/flare parachutes in a month. *TP-G Series

      With our highly experienced sewing team, working with nylon fabric is just a joy.

      We’re using high-end nylon sewing threads for firm connection of gores, webbing and cords.

      Working with Pyrotechnics to eject the chute? We do.

      So, no need to worry about it. We understand you. We can offer you the best cords for pyrotechnic ejected chutes.

      Also, we have chains and steel wires to keep the chute away from the high temp flares.

      Do you need samples? No Problem

      Our experienced staff can offer samples in a short time if you would like to try the design in your end product. Just feel free to contact us.