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CS Spindle Grenade

Do your customers complain about throw back?

CS Grenades generally burn 15-35 seconds plus 1-3 seconds delay, this period allows protesters enough time to grab the grenade and throwback to law enforcement officers.

So Spindle Grenade is your solution. State-of-the-art spinning technology makes it impossible to grab.

Also 17-22 seconds operation time including 1.50+-0.3 sec delay to be sure almost instant discharge of the irritating CS gas.

It's patent-pending gas discharge chamber helps gas pressure will be keep stabilized to create spindle effect and prevents exploding of the grenade due to high pressure.

Spinning is upside down due to perfectly located discharge holes reduces friction to increase the spinning speed.

We're an R&D company, develops ammunition technology and licence this know-how. If you like to produce non-lethal ammunitions in your facility or to establish a new facility. Please contact us.