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Mixing the Composition

Mixing the Composition

How to mix this dangerous powder? We tried different methods and witnessed some other methods as well. We'll tell you all and you can decide which one fits your needs.

V Type Mixer

V Mixers has no moving parts in the inside which is excellent to work with explosives as no friction possibility during mixing except the friction caused by the material itself. Also, less heat produced due to less friction.

However, loading and unloading the mixer requires additional equipment. The mixed material is very loose and creates lots of dust during unloading to be dealt with which is really a pain.

Also getting pressed V-Mixed material slightly harder than other methods.

But roughly 25-30 minutes of mixing results very effectively mixed material.

We recommend between 20-30kg batches.

Ball Mill Mixer

I have seen a couple of occasions on using planetary ball milling for dry mixing of CS mixtures.

Ball Milling is a process of rotary closed containers with powder inside and alumina or coated steel balls inside. Balls mix and crush the material.

Even though one of the most effective way to mix this material lots of heat generated due to friction.

We strongly against dry ball milling any chemical compositions which include potassium chlorate.

Ball Milling is being done in closed container and heat comes from friction should be monitored with couple fail-safe systems.

Any failure will create an enormous explosion and fire afterwards.

Potassium Chlorate's nature may cause accidents even everything is in ideal condition.

Semi-closed Mixing

In this method, there is an open mixture with slow-moving (15-45 rpm) large blades with a loose cover to protect the staff from the dust.

We tried this and found that it's the safest method in case of an accident.

Long mixing time required depends on the blade area and batch size. (60-90 min.) But bigger batches like 100kg is possible to compensate for long running time.

Not the cleanest method, but safest.

Planetary Semi-Closed Mixing

This method is also very similar to the above method but perfect for smaller batches. (<25kg)

Standard Planetary mixers can be used for smaller batches or coloured mixing.


All those methods require a full-body suit and proper respiratory equipment for the staff. Also proper HVAC equipment.


V Type Mixer

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Planetary Semi Closed Mixer