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CS Tear Gas Production Process

In this short explanatory blog, we’ll explain the inside of CS Tear Gas Cartridge and Bomb production process. ¬†Chemical Composition Mixing the chemicals Pressing the chemicals Inner Core Assembly Cartridge Assembly Fuse Assembly Spinner type Tear Gas Grenade Assembly Some pages are missing as we’re preparing them, please visit frequently to get the updates or…
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Mixing the Composition

How to mix this dangerous powder? We tried different methods and witnessed some other methods as well. We’ll tell you all and you can decide which one fits your needs. V Type Mixer V Mixers has no moving parts in the inside which is excellent to work with explosives as no friction possibility during mixing…
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How to make Tear Gas Cartridges Part 1 – The Chemical Compound In this essay, we’re trying to explain how to make tear gas ammunition in details. First, we’ll start with the chemical part. The main ingredient of Tear Cas Cartridge is CS which more details can be found in here about the CS. CS…
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